Journal: Peace, Love, and Understanding

The other night, I laid in bed thinking about the ones who died in Florida. I closed my eyes and stranger’s faces seemed to fill my mind. Tears started streaming down my face due to the heartbreak of all the innocent lives that were lost. They had so much more to live for, yet that was taken away by someone who had hatred in their heart. I still cannot understand why someone can be hateful towards love, after all, love is the “closest thing we have to magic” (Aquamarine).

When I hear about these people being murdered, I don’t pay attention to their gender race religion or sexuality, I think of their families, friends, and their life. I know that there has been incidents (like the one in Orlando) long before I was born but its times like these that put me back into reality; that the world isn’t the safest place. As I become older and more aware of the world around me, I notice that the world has gotten darker or maybe I just came to realize how dark it always has been. I’m not entirely sure but what I am sure about, is that this killing needs to stop.

We, as a society, need to teach more acceptance and understanding. Some people will hate what they do not understand and that is why society should try to help people understand so that they can accept instead of hate. Our world should not have to deal with tragedies like Orlando anymore. I know that minds cannot be change in a snap of a finger but if we start with the simple things like teaching others that it is bad to hate, to try to understand things they cannot, and to accept others life choices because someone’s lifestyle should not matter because it doesn’t affect anyone.


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