How to Get More For Your Money When Shopping Online For Clothes

1.Sign up for websites that give discounts.

Lately I’ve been using UniDays to shop brands like Missguided, ASOS, American Apparel and Boohoo.  Every week is a different discount and sometimes different store. This website is only for college students, so you will need to use your student email to verify that you are a college student.

As for those of you who are not college students, ebates has great offers as well. Ebates as a variety of stores that you can shop at and earn cashback. It actually works! Once you click the link, you start shopping and buying your desired items. You’ll check out the same way that you would normally check out when online shopping except this time, you will be sent a check  every quarter.

(I’m sure there are other websites that help you save money when shopping, but these are happiedaize approved)

2. Sign up for brand newsletters

If for whatever brand you wish to shop at, make sure to sign up for their newsletters. You’ll be one of the first to know when sales start and end.

3. Leave items in checkout without actually checking out

It might sound odd but it works. A few days ago, I decided to torture myself and put my wishlist items in my cart. I wasn’t going to buy anything, its just something I do. Days after, I received an email offering a 15% discount. It may not be much, but when you’re on a budget or trying to get more or your money, this helps.

4. Follow fashion bloggers

Once I started following fashion bloggers, I was up to date on what was on sale and what was not from stores that I’ve heard of and stores that I’ve never shopped at. Also, if you’re one of those people who are always looking for new trends and love those REALLY pricey brands, a lot of fashion bloggers will offer similar pieces that are in the more affordable range. The key is to find fashion bloggers that have the same style as you and go from there.

Here are my reccomendations:

Florencia’s Clothes

Something Navy


The Trend Pear

5. Try to shop at more than one store

There are tons of websites that offer different styles and sometimes better quality than the stores you might already go to. Always look into the store that you are purchasing from(if it’s new). If I’m buying clothes from a website that i’ve never been to, I look at their reviews, twitter, instagram, and ask people that I know if they hae ever heard of that brand.

My Favorite Websites to Shop:







Calvin Klein


Cotton On


If you know any other shopping tricks or any other stores that have great prices, please leave your suggestions on the comment section below.


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