Creative Minds: Natyamity

In a world full of creativity, I was able to work with Italian-graphic designer Natyamity. I was in search of a graphic designer to help me upgrade the happiedaize logo because it was long overdue. We chatted through twitter and she was very helpful in a way that I, myself, am very thankful for. While discussing details about the logo, I decided to take a quick look at her creations. I was only planning to take a look at only 3 work pieces but instead I looked at all the art she had posted on her twitter and her redbubble page.

coj_xrtwoaudtcwNatyamity told me her story and how she started drawing at the the age of 3. She  automatically fell in love with art and the excitement of buying art supplies. Growing up, she would find herself drawing during class lessons but had to stop due to overwhelming school work. While speaking to Natyamity, she stated she was put into a position in which she felt the pressure of picking a linguistic school that she decided to drop after two years of study. She loved to study languages but she still felt as if  “something was missing “.

Natyamity mentioned she had already been using Photoshop at the age of 9 and after dropping linguistic school, she decided that her love for art was something that she could not ignore anymore. She did some research and found an interesting school regarding graphic designing and marketing. Her curious mind had gotten the best of her, so she decided to attended the school. There was something different in her studies this time around, she was happy. Since the first day of attending her graphic design studies, she knew that she had finally found the path for her and knew that this was the right career for her. Although she was happy to find something that made her content she was still a little unsure at first because she didn’t know where it would take her because graphic designing was less praised at the time but she still went on. During her studies, she made graphic designs for schools in her city and became great friends with her professor. Now she does work for people all over the world.



It is clear that she has mad skills. Her inspirations come from her surroundings and other artist of every era. However, her biggest muse is none other than her idol, singer, Zayn Malik (one of her pieces was actually featured in a billboard magazine). He was and is the biggest influence that has kept her motivated in the last two years. His recognition and support through tweets, direct messages, even some hand written letters has given her extraordinary confidence about her art.


When I asked her what advice she would give to someone who is trying to pursue the same career as her, she had this to say:

If you’re into art, if you feel it deeply inside your heart then keep pushing. Keep drawing. Keep learning and don’t give up. You will lose the motivation sometime, yes, it’s normal but don’t be scared! Try to find someone that you really love. Something that you could give your heart to. Even if it’s a dog or I don’t know, a city. Be in love. Feel it so deep inside you and you will create wonders. Have passion!

Natyamity showcases her work through social media platforms and thanks to those platforms people all over the world are able to view the amazing work she has done. Just like Zayn inspires her, she too will inspire someone to also follow their dreams. I admire her not only for her work but for her willingness and kindness that she has shown me in the few  conversations that we have had. I cannot wait to see more of what she has to offer to the world.

Also, I cannot say it enough but: I am in love with the new logo for happiedaize. She did everything I wanted and more.happied

If you want to see more of her designs or maybe work with her to design something ( T shirts, tattoos, illustrations, etc). Here are her links:

Twitter: Natyamity

Instagram: Natyamity

Tumblr: Natyamity

Facebook: Natyamity

Redbubble: Befournaty



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