2016 Reflection

Each year is about something and this year, for me, was about preparing for next year’s adventures while establishing who am I am as a person. As cliché as it sounds – your life is a book filled with plots, themes, and unexpected events. With every year comes a new chapter and new lessons to be learned. This year was a crazy one with everything going on with the world and in my own life; I launched my biggest adventure yet – happiedaize.

Happiedaize has always been something that was mine, even before it was publicly created. I finally took a leap to try something new and out of my comfort zone, made something on my own – something I could show to the world [thank everyone who read, liked, commented, and shared]. It started as a simple tumblr blog until the bloggers that I was following inspired me to start my own personal blog. When creating happiedaize, I wanted to create a place where I could express myself without any limit or by one category. I wanted to reach people around my age who feel like misfits because words are what I look(ed) for when I am at my highest or my lowest. My goal is to write pieces that inspire people the way that I was inspired by other blogger. If I accomplish that, I know I’ve done my part as a writer.

2016 was a year of doing and that is why I believe it was a pretty good year. Instead of thinking or talking about what I was soon planning to do and never do it, I went out and did it while establishing some of my independence. I traveled to Mexico by myself (it was nerve wrecking but I did it), I went on another trip that I funded myself, I moved out of my dad’s house, got jobs while studying as a full time student, and I decided in the middle of the year that it was time to broaden my adventures and take a solo trip to the United Kingdom in 2017 [which I cannot wait to do]. I definitely surprised myself this year by finding confidence in myself that I was not sure that existed. 

After this year of new experiences I know more of the woman I want to become. Sure, I do not have it fly figured out but I do have an idea of what direction that I want to go. All I can think do is take control of what I can and see what follows after. It’s time to start thinking about what I have to do to become better to help my future self out. As for 2017, I think it will have the same amazing  impact for me as 2016.

Thank you to all who have supported me, I appreciate all the support and love; Happy New Years!

Photography: Anthony Fuccella (coolpoolpix.com)


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