England Calling

I’ve dreamed about England since a child. Despite Hogwarts being located in Scotland, I blame J.K. Rowling for my need to visit England. To me England was magical – yes I know that magic isn’t real… or maybe it is, who really is to say it’s not? The point is that when the plane circled the beautiful city that is London, I felt every bit of magic when the city’s skyline came into view.


I arrived at 7 am BST which meant I had a full day to myself. So me being me didn’t want to waste a second of it. As soon as I checked in my AirBNB that was located in Soho I went straight to Frifths Street Tattoo which was ironically a street down from where I was staying. The people in the shop were very nice and welcoming. I am absolutely in LOVE my tattoo ! The rest of the day went pretty well as I was walking around London; getting lost a few times if I’m completely honest. Luckily there was city maps located at almost every corner so I was able to find my way around. Being in a different country brought me back to my childhood years when my parents would have to print out the directions before leaving the house just to get to somewhere new. For me I had to go back to the flat(apartment) I rented to use wifi and screen shot the directions. After a day filled  exploring the city, I headed back to the flat to get ready for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play. Needless to say, the play was AMAZING! I bought the 2 day play package. Part one was on Thursday and part two I watched on Friday. 10/10 would recommend!



My second day was another free day for me to explore, so for breakfast I made my way to one of the famous Instagram worthy places in called Neal’s Yard in Covenant Garden. Then I headed to the British Museum – best 4 hours spent! I had lunch at Nandos which was very satisfying and then had enough time to check out the artist of the Wizarding World, MinaLima.

Neal’s Yard
I decided to then visit the landmarks but this time at night. Everything was beautiful when lit up. People were out about walking, musicians were on the sidewalks playing music and the landmarks were brightly lit.I explored more of the landmarks my second time around because I knew my tour group would cover it. I got to see the famous Elizabeth Tower / Big Ben. I was able to watch the change of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We also not only seen the London Bridge but we also took a walk inside using their glass walkway.

One the last day in London, I went to Abbey Road and rode on the London Eye along with a trip to Kings Cross Station. All fit the nostalgic criteria and worth seeing.

It is a underestimation to say London has a good night life. Everywhere is packed, the sun doesn’t set till about 9 pm, and transportation is easy to come by. One of the things I truly admired about London is how there was so much historic landmarks mixed with modern day buildings.





I boarded a coach bus for a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. The overall tour was great and I was able to meet people from all over the world. Stonehenge was a sight to see because instead of seeing countless photos online and in my text books, I was only a few feet away from the prehistoric monument. Our tour then went to Bath, home of Jane Austin, where the buildings seemed only like the ones you’ve seen in movies. Truthfully – everything seemed like it did in the movies! For the fews hours I was there I spent time at the Roman Baths where I learned about the romans and how they used the baths. And according to my tour director, Actor Johnny Depp use to live in that city, which seems pretty cool.




I saved the best for last! Cambridge my favorite little town out of all. Everything about it was beautiful, yet I was only there for two hours. I don’t recall if it was the architecture or the people in the city that made me like it so much but it was gorgeous. I went on a relaxing punting tour on the Cambridge River where I learned about the history of the famous University and town. If I ever go back to England, Cambridge is definitely on my list!








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