Great Scot(land)

Although Scotland is apart of the United Kingdom, I would have never thought to travel there but I am glad I did. I traveled to Scotland via train; from King’s Cross Station in London to Waverly Station in Edinburgh. Traveling by train was by far the best way to travel within the two countries; the train ride granted me with gorgeous scenic views that left me in awe. I was able to catch glimpse of little towns on the way to my destination along with plenty of grasslands and British beaches.


Staney TucciMy first day in Scotland I met 20 other individuals from all over the states and my tour director who is from Ireland. I was apart of a tour group called EFCollegeBreak and thanks to them I was able to meet and exchange information with these people through dinner. During dinner I tried the local dish, haggis(sheep’s liver), which was not too bad but the texture wasn’t favorable. As far as beer went, my goal was to taste as much local beers since we don’t have them back here in the states. Walking out of the restaurant caught sight of Stanely Tucci casually walking in the into the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.

On my second day, I went to the Edinburgh castle which serves as an active military base while being a tourist attraction. I was able to see the Scottish Crown Jewels, and other medieval items, such as, swords, art, armor etc.

The Kelpies
The Kelpies in Fallkirk, Scotland
I then took a stroll in old Edinburgh and enjoyed local history followed by a night out at the local pubs.It still puzzled me that the sun was setting at 9 pm which was just crazy considering that sunrise was at 4 am. There really is no such thing as an ordinary walk through the town without being captivated by something. Old Edinburgh was my favorite, mainly because that was where I mainly wandered about but the Royal mile is a street build for tourist looking for a good pint and wish to see street performers.

The last day I boarded a coach bus to the Stirling Castle, which played an important part in the battles for Scottish Independence, then made way to Trossachs National Park. On the way we made a pit stop to see the magnificent Kelpies. The Kelpies are two horse-head sculptures that stands approximately 98 ft in Fallkirk, Scotland.

Scotland is a great place to sight see since everything is so close together. Streets are packed with pubs, shops, and restaurants. Plus there is Arthur Seat near by if you want to get away from lively pavement streets for a nature walk. If I were to do Scotland again, I’d travel up north and to more places but Edinburgh something you cannot miss if you’re ever in Scotland.





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