Irish I Was Back in Ireland

We all have preconceived ideas about countries we have never visited but I can tell you one thing is for sure, Ireland lives up to the expectations. When people think Ireland, they usually think of a country that is filled with big green fields, livestock, and friendly people. For the most part, you’re right! Being a small town girl it was hard not to love Ireland simply because it is not overwhelming and it somewhat reminds me of home with its laid back vibes. It’s a country that I could see myself going back to for more than just one more time.


From England to Ireland, I traveled 3 hours by ferry. Upon arriving to Dublin, my tour group and I took a detour to Glenalough, Wicklow Mountains National Park. If you have seen the movie “P.S. I Love You” you might recognize the lake with its magnificent scenic views. After spending time in Glenalough, it was time to make way to Dublin.

In Dublin it is easy to get the small town feel along with its urban city characteristics. I was able to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral — Ireland’s largest church which conveniently has a gift shop inside (not your typical church).
Dublin is beyond amazing but a must see is Phoenix Park; where the only person to vacate the area is the Ambassador of the United States of America to Ireland. To experience Dublin in an exotic way, I rented a bike to cover more unseen land but happened to come across a folk of deer. Wanting to get a closer look, the people I was with and I made our way to the field where we were greeted by two deer. It was an amazing experience that I believe will be impossible to forget. The park was great to visit due to the people and the location.
IMG_0911After parading around the park, a good pint was needed. I made my way to the Guinness Storehouse. Another must do while there because it’s a sin if you don’t, especially for my beer drinkers. There are tons of bars along the streets of Dublin and the  famous Temple Bar is a spectacular place with live music and a great selection of beer.
 Even with a killer hangover after nights of going out, Dublin was still shinning bright.
It’s as beautiful as you would imagine it. Every part of the cliff is captivating. People use to believe it was the edge of the earth but I can see why; I don’t think they believed it was possible for anything to exists past the beauty of the cliffs. Not only was I able to see the view while on the cliffs but I was able to view the cliffs from the ocean while on a boat.
Before I start, I want to make sure we are all on the same page. It seems like it is an “american thing” to pronounce it “gal-ah-way” but don’t. I don’t think the Irish like it and you seem a tad bit misguided if you pronounce it that way. Correct pronunciation: “Gual-way”.
Just like Dublin, it was also really fun and inviting. People were beyond friendly and I was in awe with the way people held themselves. At this point, Irish people were my type of people.
A small island that is gave you a sense of Irish traditions. Again, I was able to explore the land on a bike ( which was only five euros to rent for a whole hour – BARGAIN).
I was luck with the weather my whole trip there, it stayed at a 70 which felt a lot like home back in California.
 A lot of Ireland made me feel like I was home and maybe that is why I fell in love with the country. I cannot wait to travel again.

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