Four Waterfalls in One Day

Days of searching every hashtag and pinterest post, I finally made my way to McCloud Falls and Burney Falls. I have always said that the farther up north you drive, the more enchanting California becomes. Never did I experience the charm of northern California till one day I packed up my bags, filled up my gas tank, and set my GPS.

The trip was a total 5 hours (no longer than a trip from San Jose to Los Angeles). While getting closer to the destination, I was greeted with scenic views of forest trees passing by as I drove through Shasta County. With just an hour left of traveling, Mount Shasta came into view. It’s frosted top glistened as it started to prepare itself for the Autumn season.

I arrived to the Middle Falls parking lot. For the people who aren’t into the hiking aspect of exploring, there are three parking lots for the tree water falls. One located at lower, middle, and upper falls. For the people who love the hiking aspect, the total hike is three miles from lower to upper. It is an easy trail with breathtaking views. If you’re anything like me, you could space out the trail by sitting at every falls to savor it’s beauty with every moment or start up conversation with other visitors.


Autumn was soon approaching, therefore the water and weather would soon get cold. For the most part, I was right. The point of traveling to the falls was to cliff jump from each one. I took my time at the lower falls as an opportunity to build myself up for the upper falls jump. Once I convinced myself to jump the lower falls, knowing the water would be freezing, I still not was prepared. It was by far the coldest water I have ever swam in. However, the experience was one hundred percent worth it. Now that I’ve seen the falls, I’m excited to go back when the weather becomes hot and the water becomes warm.

Visiting McCloud falls did not take as long as I expected so it was a no brainer to make a  detour to Burney Falls on the way home; a thirty minute drive from McCloud. President Theodore Roosevelt had once claimed that the falls is the eighth wonder of the world and if you have ever come across it, you would believe it too.

The parking lot is very accessible to Burney Falls as well. Just park your car, take a walk down the stairs, and you’re there! As for the hikers, there is a one mile trail loop that you can take.

The trip was a total of one day but I’m sure if the water was warmer, the day would have been longer. All four waterfalls reminded me how beautiful the world is and how much I have been missing. I even witnessed a bear run across the road, which is something I thought I would never see. I had a wonderful time and I recommend everyone to take a trip far up north, past San Francisco, to experience Shasta county. I, myself, look forward to the next time I visit in the spring.


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