Favorite Instagram Bloggers

Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is my go to. Its one of the ways I can keep up with my top favorite bloggers. I get a lot of my inspiration from them; whether its an outfit of the day, travel post, or fitness routine. Here are my favorite bloggers on Instagram, enjoy!


I LOVE her! She is actually the first person who introduced me to the world of blogging so there is so much appreciation for her. I love how relate-able she is to me in regards of being my age and also a college student who is taking one day at a time.  She is a fashion blogger located in the east coast whose biggest inspiration is Miranda Kerr. What I like most about her, besides her style and personality, is she interacts a lot with her followers. If you’re trying to reach her, the best is on tumblr but her Instagram is where you can look at all her style looks. Which are AMAZING!



Julie has a simple laid back style that is very cute. She wears a lot of tee’s, which I love because I’m someone who is always in a tee so if you’re looking for a day look she is your girl. For me, its easier to connect with her due to her Mexican background and that’s important to me because I haven’t found another Mexican blogger that has inspired me the way she has. I’ve been following her for a while and every time I see her brand at Nordstrom I can’t help but feel happy for her.



Mary is one of those bloggers that has you hooked from the start. Her photos have this unique contrast in them that leave you intrigued but not only just because of the quality of photos. Her style is shown from different angles and looks. From her everyday looks to her sports wear, shes working the whole thing!



Arielle is another fashionista that I completely adore. Her instagram stories are so cute because you get a little fashion, family, and her answering follower’s questions. I’ve seen her career as a blogger blossom to partnerships with Bandier and Nordstorm. She’s another blogger than interacts really well with her follows via instagram comments. What I’ve notice is that, yes shes a fashion blog, but shes been experimenting a little with her posts. Besides fashion, she sometimes posts about her daughter, her home, and skin care products.


A fashion blogger who is located in London, England who rocks the monochrome looks. I really love Lissy’s style because she is a real life example of who you would think of when you’re describing posh. I believe she captures London’s style really well. I like that she tags the bands she uses, especially because they’re brands that I shop at as well. Give her instagram a look and peek at her blog and YouTube channel for more inspiration!


I recently followed Brittany, who also covers content for Refinery29. I wish I had her closet because all her looks are amazing. So yeah, she really is #ClosetGoals that I hope to one day reach. I’m glad that I happened to stumble upon her instagram by accident. Her looks are pinterest/save to board worth. If you haven’t yet, go now and push the follow button. Her posts will not have you disappointed.

Bay Area Buzz

Bay Area Buzz

For anyone who lives in California, especially the bay area definitely follow Bay Area Buzz. I love it because they cover places and events that I didn’t know were in the bay area. They also provide travel posts that are outside of California – who doesn’t like a good travel post, am I right? Another thing that the account participates is giveaways which is my favorite and its fun!



Out Bound is a travel blog that is taken over by other wanderlust souls around the states, exploring national and state parks. The pictures are very beautiful that you can’t help the growth that happens in your travel bucketlist after every post. I’ve recommended this blog to all my friends and family who have discussed their interest in photography and travel and now I’m recommending this blog to all of you! I 100% stand by it because I love what they’re all about.

Travis Burke PhotographyTravisBurkePhotographyChelseaKauai

I have these two bloggers together because they are both travel and photography bloggers. Their images are beyond breathtaking, example: The image on the right. A happy coincadent is that they travel/work together on some of their content together which was a cool fact to learn while following the two. They’re another reason that my travel bucketlist has grown as well.


I’ve always been open minded to vegan/vegetarian food but Mary has me really debating on going vegetarian(I don’t think I’m ready to give up chicken yet, sorry Mary) altogether. She has definitely made me interested on the topic of veganism along with an appreciation for vegans. She has her cookbook and I’ve made some of her recipes which were so good! Plus her Instagram photos just make your mouth water.


Lisette is newly announced blogger who started her instagram earlier this year. She currently is only on Instagram and I excited to see her blog grow more than it already has. Whether you’re vegan or not, every food lover would love this blog. One look at her photos, and you’re hooked! Her content covers vegan restaurants along with vegan menu selection items with a brief description of what shes eating and how delicious is which leaves me hungry for whatever she had. If you feel as if something missing in your life, it’s probably because you don’t follow Lisette, so go FOLLOW!


The best thing a matcha lover could find is a matcha blog that is local. I have so many of their posts saved on my collection and I plan to one day visit every place they tag. If you’re a matcha lover, follow this blog and your life will be so much better however your cravings for some matcha will multiply.


This is for my book worms! Ziba, like me, is a potterhead which is an automatic follow from me. She covers a lot of Harry Potter content but that isn’t only what she covers. Ziba posts book and film reviews using her photos to illustrate the magic you can find within the books and films. I enjoy how at thhe end of every post, she develops a relationship with her followers by asking them questions.


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