I Wish Time Would Slow Down

Its the moment I’ve been waiting for, yet now that its here I can’t help but wish it wasn’t. I am now able to have a cell phone, drive a car (my own car), stay out late, go to the bar and drink; pretty much everything I wanted to do when I was younger. I’ve waited so long to be this age and its pretty cool for the most part. The only thing is that I wish time would just slow down.

Growing up I wished that time would pass by faster to get to an age when no one can tell me “you’re too young for” this or that. While wishing I was older and getting frustrated by adults telling me “no” because I wasn’t old enough, I didn’t listen to the warnings or the lectures that followed.

Adults would tell me how fast time would pass by or how I should take advantage of my youth. They would then share some story to relive the glory days and tell me that they wished they were young again. I didn’t listen of course; the warnings sounded like a broken record that I didn’t care to listen to.

I should have listened. I was just too caught up in wishing I was older. Its not that I didn’t take advantage of my childhood/teenage years, its that I spent too much time wishing I was an adult. I don’t think I appreciated everything as much as I could now or savored every great moment while it occurred. I was caught up in a day dream of one day being “old enough”.

At the moment,  I am older and the cliche part of it is that it feels like only yesterday my big sister and I were getting tucked into bed by our parents (now she will be tucking in her own child later this year). Life has passed by like I had hoped and now I comprehend that I have become the adult that lectures my little sister as she rolls her eyes thinking she knows exactly what I am talking about. As people say, “the student becomes the teacher” or something along the lines.

The irony of this whole situation is how the tables have turned. Here I am, hoping that whoever reads this stops and enjoys each moment as it comes and savor every great milestone. Sometimes I catch myself forgetting and thinking about how old I am when I have so much time ahead of me. So here is a quote to leave you with:

“Our life is made up of time. Our days are measured in hours, our pay measured by those hours, our knowledge is measured by years. […] And yet time eventually runs out and you wonder in your heart of hearts if those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades were being spent the best way they possibly could.” 
― Cecelia Ahern


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