Your Guide to a Fun (And Affordable) Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year when being obnoxious with big heart shaped balloons, unreasonably huge size teddy bears, and delicious chocolate strawberries is acceptable.

Now, the luxurious gifts are always welcomed but not everyone can afford to get their valentines something nice(unless you’re married, you better go all out). So I’ve thought of a few ideas for people who waited for the last minute to plan something or simply can’t afford to drop cash on some gifts. I guess you can call it “The Guide to an affordable, yet thoughtful valentines day”.

1. Pizza

No matter what, pizza is always a great way to end your day. So it might be a personal preference but it’s the best option that has unlimited amounts of options. You can buy it from your favorite pizza place or go the cheap route and get little Caesars. Because hey, pizza is pizza and if they’re complaining…Drop them. You don’t need that that kind of negativity in your life(I’m joking- but half serious). Ps. You can also get an oven baked pizza from your local grocery store.

2. If the weather is right, go outside

There is a likely chance that you spend your days cooped up indoors, so why not change it up? If it’s not rainy or windy there should be no reason for you to be inside. Go on a nice walk, plan a picnic at the park(bring that pizza that I mentioned earlier with you), go for a bike ride, play catch. There are so many outdoor activities you can do plus every restaurant will be packed.

3. Movies

I’m not talking about going to the movie theatre(although going to the drive ins is a really good idea and I highly recoomend it). I’m talking about a movie or two at the house. I understand that this is an activity that you can do any other day but make it special. Get some snacks or a tub of your favorite ice cream, softest blanket and just enjoy the company. If it’s a night in with a gal pal, I suggest Magic Mike 2! More dancing scenes, if you catch my drift.*wink wink*

4. Flowers

Here is another personal preference. I absolutely love flowers and I’d like to think everyone else does too. Flowers can be pretty expensive on Valentine’s Day BUT there is another option to get flowers. The farmers market! It’s rare that you ever find a farmers market open on the same day but try to be strategic. And if you’re one of those people who celebrates Valentine’s Day earlier or later than the actual day, just plan accordingly. Even if you buy one rose or something it still counts. It’s a little sad but it counts – “A” for effort, am I right?

5. Arts and crafts

Open a bottle of wine, beer, soda(if you’re not of age) and get out a canvas or some paper. If you’ve never tired this, you really should. It’s super fun(AGAIN, personal preference) and there is so much more time for conversation and laughs. It doesn’t have to be only painting though. The dollar store has coloring books and some color crayons. Arts and crafts can be very therapeutic, especially when you have someone to work on something with.

6. Board games

Bust out the UNO cards or some board games. I’m sure you can even find some multiplayer games in the App Store but I don’t recommend being on your phone at any time during these suggestions. It sounds like an old person thing to do but you can honestly spend hours playing one game. Like people say, “time goes by fast when you’re having fun”.

7. Watch the sunset

It’s super cheesy but it’s pretty nice. There is nothing more peaceful than watching the sun go down and having someone to share it with.

8. Adventure out

I know this is sort of already stated but why not go to a place somewhere new? Take a stroll while drinking your favorite coffee/tea. Take a trip to the beach or the forest(maybe that nude beach you’ve been always planning on going to, eh?). Keep things entertaining by discovering something new. Best way to do that? Yelp and/or instagram! These apps have given me tons of ideas on new places to venture out.

The point of this post is so that you find alternatives and you don’t spend a ton. Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love to the people who matter in your life. Having someone’s company and showing you care no matter if it’s your significant other, family member, or friend. But remember, pizza is ALWAYS a good idea!


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