Travel Bucket List

I catch myself talking about this travel bucket list of mine yet I never sat down to write one, well I’ve finally gathered my thoughts to write one. I can’t wait to cross out places while adding new ones. Here is my bucket list: In the states: Seattle, Washington Havasupai, Arizona The Wave, Arizona New … More Travel Bucket List

Great Scot(land)

Although Scotland is apart of the United Kingdom, I would have never thought to travel there but I am glad I did. I traveled to Scotland via train; from King’s Cross Station in London to Waverly Station in Edinburgh. Traveling by train was by far the best way to travel within the two countries; the … More Great Scot(land)

England Calling

I’ve dreamed about England since a child. Despite Hogwarts being located in Scotland, I blame J.K. Rowling for my need to visit England. To me England was magical – yes I know that magic isn’t real… or maybe it is, who really is to say it’s not? The point is that when the plane circled … More England Calling