Great Scot(land)

Although Scotland is apart of the United Kingdom, I would have never thought to travel there but I am glad I did. I traveled to Scotland via train; from King’s Cross Station in London to Waverly Station in Edinburgh. Traveling by train was by far the best way to travel within the two countries; the … More Great Scot(land)

England Calling

I’ve dreamed about England since a child. Despite Hogwarts being located in Scotland, I blame J.K. Rowling for my need to visit England. To me England was magical – yes I know that magic isn’t real… or maybe it is, who really is to say it’s not? The point is that when the plane circled … More England Calling

My Personal List of 21 Life Tips

I just turned 21 this week and to someone who is very much into birthdays; this one was a huge one. Not because I am now able to enjoy a nice cold beer when I want but because I now have the option to do everything(except rent a car). There are a few things that I’ve come to find and now I understand what Kylie Jenner meant when she said she was finally “realizing stuff”. We all have these side notes in the back of our heads that we go back to everyday whether we realize it or not. Here is a list filled with 21 things that I have found helpful in my 21 years of living: … More My Personal List of 21 Life Tips

2016 Reflection

Each year is about something and this year, for me, was about preparing for next year’s adventures while establishing who am I am as a person. As cliché as it sounds – your life is a book filled with plots, themes, and unexpected events. With every year comes a new chapter and new lessons to … More 2016 Reflection